CXI SPA – Body Detox

This exclusive selection of treatments dedicated to the purification and detoxification of
the body, have been designed exclusively within the CXI SPA to ensure a regenerating

25 minutes
Body exfoliating treatment
The exfoliation on the SPA bench in warm Corian is an instant of well-being designed to smooth the skin with natural products and Dead Sea salt in preparation for all massages
25 minutes
Alpine detox fango
The special alpine mud is born from the strength of alpine nature, to improve circulation, stimulate metabolism with a decongestant effect on the connective tissue
50 minutes
Detoxifying cellulite treatment
A combination of natural active products and circulation reactivating methods exert a draining action on all tissues in order to detoxify and eliminate waste, thanks to the enhanced action of the seaweed pack.
50 minutes
Dynamic detox legs treatment
The dynamic treatment relaxes and decongests tired legs with a fresh revitalizing effect that gives active support to regain energy.