Facial treatments


Every facial treatment begins with a personalized consultation that is reserved at the time of booking, in order to identify the actual needs of the skin and select the most suitable products.

Skin analysis with dermal camera and hydration check-up

Skin imperfections are detected on the monitor using a specific magnification. The type of facial skin, intoxication, thickness and hydration are then determined in order to assess which strategies to adopt during treatment and self-care at home.

45 minutes
Dynamic deep cleansing
The deep cleansing treatment that leaves the skin smooth, purified and produces a surprising sensation of freshness on skin of all ages, while respecting all the delicate areas of the face. This treatment is also ideal for mens skin. The detoxifying active...
ingredients strengthen the cell barrier and treat stressed skin for a real “anti-stress” result.
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75 minutes
HIGH TECH Dynamic deep cleansing
With microdermabrasion that smoothes the surface of the skin with its diamond tips, 99% pure OXY oxygen that naturally conveys the principles and chromo mask for a photobiostimulating effect.
45 minutes
Lifting bioactive
This bioactive treatment uses probiotic ingredients and phytohormones derived from soya to achieve an amazing lifting effect on the entire face, plumping the tissue and reshaping the facial features. It is the ideal treatment to combine with deep tissue regeneration using microdermabrasion....
In addition, when combined with anti-ageing technology such as multi-polar radiofrequency it increases the lifting effect and reduces the depth of wrinkles. Treatment bookable at extra charge.
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45 minutes
Vitaminic anti-age
An illuminating and moisturising treatment that gently achieves a visible result even for the most sensitive skin. It also focuses on the eye area and uses a customised antioxidant cocktail of vitamins to care for the skin and its needs for hydration...
and protection. It can be combined with all the high-tech technologies on our spa menu to find the optimum end result. The most appropriate technology will be recommended during the analysis consultation.
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75 minutes
CELL PREMIUM Luxury anti-age
A treatment that stimulates, protects and regenerates skin cells in depth, for a visible and rejuvenating effect on wrinkles and skin tone.
25 minutes
Anti-ageing treatment focused on the eye contour with Cell Premium products by med Beauty Swiss.
All treatments can be combined and enhanced with the aid of modern, innovative technologies, which ensure visible and lasting results from the very first treatment.
45 minutes
Detox activating treatment
Cleanse – detoxify – reactivate: the three steps to regain the natural functionality of the skin, strengthen it and bring out true beauty by improving skin health, thanks to Grown Alchemist premium organic products.
45 minutes
Anti-age treatment
Act on the tone, on the brightness of the skin, optimize the metabolic functions of the skin, to find a new freshness and eliminate the signs of expression and fatigue
75 minutes
Pampering ritual
A pampering from nature for the skin, combined with a head and face massage, to regenerate and relax the mind in a ritual that involves all the senses with Grown Alchemist luxury products: the perfect alchemy for relaxation
25 minutes
Detox face massage
Detoxifying and revitalizing face massage preceded by Grown Alchemist cleansing, to regain brightness, freshness and allow yourself a short relaxation break.
OXY – O2 The innovative 99% pure oxygen
The non-invasive method that stimulates and regenerates the skin, working the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the epidermis in a natural and painless way. The perfect ally for timeless beauty. Add to any facial treatment to enhance the...
anti-aging results.
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