CXI Centoundici SPA was conceived on the shores of Lake Garda and the main focus is on the wellbeing of their guests. With a multitude of areas, designed with the guest’s needs in mind, this spa is for those seeking a unique experience.

Comprising a full 1500 m2, specific areas have been created to emphasize the relaxing and balancing effects of the treatments.

25 minutes
BACK antistress massage
Relaxing back massage with warm oil. Works on stress with soft pressure and gentle manoeuvring.
25 minutes
FOOT reflex massage
Massage for tired feet that offers lightness and regeneration by concentrating on the reflex zones of the feet.
50 minutes
RELAX full body massage
The global relaxing oil massage, with slow and enveloping dexterity that gently relaxes the nervous system and offers harmony.
50 minutes
CXI detox massage
It is the classic massage that we have designed to make your wellness experience unique, accompanied by warm oil and detoxifying essential oils to eliminate all toxines.
Revitilizing cupping treatment
Cupping produces a strong relaxing action on the superficial and deep tissues, reducing muscle contractures.
50.80 minutes
Deep tissue massage
This massage technique deeply loosens the main muscle chains, focusing especially on the stiffest points of the body.
25.50 minutes
Sport performance massage
A deep and toning muscle massage of the main muscle groups, ideal for eliminating the state of fatigue and preventing injury by elasticizing the joints of the body, suitable for athletes who participate in frequent physical activities.
80 minutes
TALINGO: Thai stretching
In this massage, the body is welcomed by intense stretching and joint mobilisation movements drawn from the ancient tradition of Thai massage, which give the muscles new energy and elasticity. This is followed by the flowing and evocative movements of...
the full-body Malaysian massage, accompanied by the scent of Champaka flowers, which will give you a deep general well-being. A long massage that will involve all your senses.
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50.80 minutes
LUMEN massage
Slow and deep movements melt tensions in a personalized way. The use of a warm vegetable butter enhances the massage, recharging the body with new energy.
80 minutes
ANDAMAN SEA: Indian massage
A long massage inspired by the Indian tradition, the land of the search for harmony between mind and body. Immersed in the fragrances of a mysterious India that envelops the senses, this massage dedicates its attention to the head and...
then extends to the whole body, releasing muscular tension in a natural and effective way.
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50 minutes
CXI the Stones
A warm massage with warm butter and heated lava stones that will involve the whole body. The warmth of the stones will be released on the skin, relaxing all contracted muscles and giving an enveloping feeling of rejuvenation.
50 minutes
POWDER MASSAGE: from Udwartanam tradition
This is a heated stress-relieving massage with traditional Indian powders, sesame oil and Ayurvedic detoxifying oils, designed to deeply relax and regenerate the body with slow and deep movements. This massage ritual will give your body warmth and vitality, relax...
all contracted muscles and make your skin smooth and well nourished.
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50 minutes
Prémaman experience massage
Sweet cuddle for the future mother, to live an experience of relaxation and regeneration, nourishing the skin and eliminating all tension.
45 minutes
COUPLE 240 €
“Open Air” massage in the GAZEBO
Immersed in the splendid nature of the park, surrounded by the natural sounds of the flowing river, this massage will give balance to the whole body, with certified organic precious oils.
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